How to spend time in Alaska?

How to spend time in Alaska?

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Today i will tell you abouth Alaska, what i know and what you can do in your amazing holiday. Lets start this journey together 😉

Denali National Park in northern Alaska is one of the largest park in the United States and it encompasses the highest mountain in North America. Denali is the traditional name but modern explorers have named it as Mount McKinley. The name of it is under big disccusion. Six million acres of sweeping river valleys, tundra, high mountain ranges and glacier-capped mountains are exceptionally impressive. The only road leads to the park, and only buses approved by the park can travel beyond the Savage River.

Denali National Park is Located between Anchorage and Fairbanks, Denali is home for grizzly bears, wolves, deer, elk and other animals. More than 167 bird species have been recorded in the park.

There are a lot of options how to spend time in Alaska. If you chose any place to stay you will absolutely get a chance to take an excursion.

  • Dogsledding is the most popular. You will definitely adore riding on Eskimo dogs!
  • Helicopter tour is pretty expensive but you will never forget all the emotions after having seen Alaskan views ! We do advice to spend money once and have an unforgettable experience for all life!
  • A little bit cheaper option is a canoe. It’s safety and interesting to explore lakes!
  • Fishing is awesome in Alaska but you will need a license. It’s not something complicated to take the license.

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Fallow us to come across with new interesting information about Alaska.

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