How to Make Semolina Halva Recipe?

First of all, if u wanna make this dessert, then u need this all. Ingredients for Easy Semolina Dessert Recipe • 1 glass of grits• 1.5 glass of granulated sugar• 1 glass of water milk• 1 teaspoon of cinnamon• 4 tablespoons of butter• 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream For the

How to make delicious poppy walnut cake recipe?

Ingredients for Easy Poppy Walnut Cake Recipe 3 eggs 1 glass of water Milk 2.5-3 glass of flour Half a glass of oil 1 glass of sugar 1 packet of baking powder 1 packet of vanilla 1 tablespoon of cocoa 3 tablespoons of poppy paste 1 tea glass of cracked walnut How to Make

How to make Menemen?

Vegetables and spices which we need. 2 tablespoons of oil 3 green peppers 3 medium tomatoes 1/2 teaspoon salt 3 eggs First, oil is adding to the teflon pan.Then we can add sliced onions to the teflon pan and we should fry on pan. Then we should add sliced green peppers to

How to combat coronavirus?

What is the Coronavirus (Covid-19) ? Firstly, Coronavirus which is called Covid-19, is a virus that show up in Wuhan, China, at December 2019. it is transmitted by respiratory and easy to transmit from person to person. Transmission Path of Coronavirus (Covid-19)? It is

How can you individually combat Coronavirus (Covid-19)?

First of all, when struggling with this disease, reliable sources recommended by experts should be followed. Then, it is very important to reach the level of consciousness that can reduce the risk of the disease both for ourselves and our environment, taking into account