How to cook Egg Bread?

How to cook Egg Bread?

Hello Everyone,

Today i am gonna teach you to how to cook Egg Bread. First of all it is so simple to do and so tasty, you can cook it and then can eat with coffe or tea or fruit juice, i prefer to drink black tea.

What we need to cook it ?

Fresh bread or stale bread
4 eggs
A little salt

Lets start to cooking ;

Start to break eggs to a cup and put a little salt and start to mix eggs for a while till all become yellow. Then cute to little pieces to bread and put to the cup to make all around of bread yellow with eggs. Then take it and put to the pan and start to cooking. You should put all pieces of bread inside of eggs cup with ordinary. Make all them cooking in pen.

I also eating it with cheese and olive in breakfast, as u can see in my image.

it is ready to serve.

Bon appetiate.